A Beautiful Frame of Mind

Mother and Daughter on Mother's Day

By Laverne Ellerbe

May 17, 2020 2:31AM
Laverne Ellerbe
Laverne Ellerbe

Certainly you have heard the saying, “Beauty is as beauty does.” I’m not sure what it meant to you however, here are my thoughts.

Actually, I had two thoughts on this saying. Simply from an adolescent point of view; if you look pretty, you should act pretty. The other side of that thought was being defined by the way that you act.

My thought process hasn’t changed much over the years. As I have discussed often in Fashion Trends, the way that we dress can set the tone for our mood. Down through the years Sunday morning dressing has been a prime example. As a child, the frilly new dress or the crisp new suit on Sunday indicated all kinds of specialness. This specialness called for special behavior. It was sometimes difficult to act pretty or to not be rough and tumble in our fancy gear. However, we were taught to be ladylike or to exhibit behavior of a gentleman until we removed our “dress clothes.,” For many of us this attitude continues through adulthood.

In today’s climate we have been prompted to adjust and do things differently. The good news is that some things are ingrained in us and hard to let go.

Mother in white floral dress on deck
While we are social distancing, is there a need to dress up and feel pretty? These fashionistas featured say a resounding yes! They refused to let Mother’s Day come and go without feeling pretty for the occasion. The unique twist is the scenes that are created. They include a mother and daughter Malia and Jamila sharing tea from the comfort of their homes in different states along with Lorraine and Jennifer basking in feeling pretty.

Never let mood dressing die. Always remember the beauty within you can shine through your behavior and your look.

And as always, it’s a wrap!

Woman in dress with jean jacket
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