Apartments coming to Coleman Mill in Concord

By Norman McCollough

October 19, 2020 10:30AM
Normal McCollough
Normal McCollough

CONCORD, NC - In June 2020, The City of Concord, after years of rezoning, etc., agreed to provide close to $400,000 to a developer (Jim Sari) to build 152 apartments inside the Coleman Mill. For those who are unaware of the life and times of Mr. Warren C. Coleman, his life and various other’s parts of Black history are in my new book - - that can be purchased at B& or Amazon. The apartments will be fixed income with a portion reserved for senior citizens. During this time, I wrote an article in the Independent Tribune outlining the idea that the transaction will be a major transfer of wealth with a total expenditure of $28,000.000. To think that this will take place in the historic Logan community without Black involvement would be outrageous.

During the City Council meeting of October 8, 2020, those people listening were informed that about 5% of the $28,000.00 is federal money. This means the builder must comply with all appropriate civil rights and fair housing laws. The current owner will clearly have a windfall. The buyer will get his share and the City of Concord will also share in the wealth.

How Blacks in the Logan community will benefit remains to be seen. The per capita income for the Logan community is about $25,000.00. I pray that the community will come together to ascertain how the community can benefit. For additional information, please contact me at

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