Barber-Scotia College Appoints Banker, Gregory Aikens to Advisory Board

Gregory Aikens
Gregory Aikens

By Fran Farrer

May 17, 2020 5:31AM
Fran Farrer
Fran Farrer

CONCORD, NC - Mr. Gregory Bernard Aikens, an experienced senior estate banker, is the most recent appointee to the Barber-Scotia College President’s Advisory Board. His experience will assist in developing strategies that enhance the colleges financial position as a whole; and additionally offer a blue-print for the renovation of 3 historic buildings, i.e., Berry Hall, Grave Hall, and Percival Hall, which will be tastefully restored by the Hanson Company of Virginia.

Each property will have mixed use components slated to generate additional revenue. Grave Hall will have one and two bedroom apartments as well a multimedia educational conference center.

Aikens said, "I want to contribute to the success of Barber–Scotia College as a member of the President’s Advisory Board by utilizing my extensive economics and finance experience to support the due diligence and development of all assigned portfolio acquisitions, renovations and dispositions. Deliver in-depth professional-level analytics, critical-thinking recommendations and assessments of benchmark performances, risk and variance analyses to ensure consistent return on investment growth resulting in the maximization of the institution’s overall portfolio performance."

"Mr. Aikens, who was my Harvard classmate, will be a great asset to Barber-Scotia College. He is smart and dedicated to assisting Historical Black Colleges and Universities," said President Melvin Isadore Douglass.

Aikens graduated from Harvard University (Magna cum laude), with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and a Master’s degree (Cum Laude) in Finance

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