Barber Scotia Offers Free Training to Curve Unemployment Rate

BSC Training Flyer

By Dr. Royal B. Fisher, DPR

May 31, 2020 1:22AM

In the wake of the Coronavirus, the unemployment rate is a staggering 14.70 percent in the United States of America. This means about 25 million people are out of work and in need of meaningful jobs that will meet the current and future demands of the nation and the world. In an attempt to address the crisis, Barber-Scotia College intends to offer free online training in renewable energy with the hope of getting people back to work. "The trustees, administrators, faculty and staff are excited to be in a position to provide this service," said Dr. Melvin Isadore Douglass, 24th President of Barber-Scotia College and graduate of Tuskegee, Columbia and Harvard Universities.

This training will help students develop basic skills in order to design, finance and execute renewable energy projects in local, regional, national and international environments. In addition, the training is directed towards individuals interested in understanding the relationship between energy and environment. It will cover introductory topics, such as design photovoltaic, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro, waste to energy and much more.

Taught by knowledgeable instructors, the free online (audit) training course lasts for one week, at only one hour per day, and is scheduled for July 27-31, 2020.

If an individual would like full access to the course materials and certificate to add to their resume or LinkedIn profile, a $29 fee is required.

According to Board of Trustee Chairwoman, Karen Soars, "Barber-Scotia College (B-SC) has always been an institution unafraid of taking a leadership role in history. This is evident with the institution being the first Historically Black College and University (HBCU) established after the Civil War to educate Black women. B-SC was also the very first institution of higher learning in the entire state of North Carolina, to amend its charter and admit students regardless of their race, sex or religion. Furthermore, Barber-Scotia College was the first HBCU to offer a degree in Renewable Energy.

Throughout its 153-year history, the College has overcome what appeared to be insurmountable challenges. Today, the College is positioned to lead once again, by offering students a workforce model that gives them the benefit of a liberal arts education and becoming certified in industry trades. In the event they cannot complete college or find a suitable position in their degreed area of study, they now have a marketable skill that will allow them to start their own business or obtain employment.

Barber-Scotia College has always had a soft heart for students that are less fortunate than others. The College receives such students and applies its founding mission to develop them holistically. The College's mantra is: For Head, Hand, and Heart."

Individuals seeking more information about the Renewable Energy Free Training Course please email us at:

Give Poor Students What Rich Students Pay for!

To donate $10 today, please mail to: Barber-Scotia College, 145 Cabarrus Avenue West, Concord, N.C. 28025, or visit online at:

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