Black Legal Experts Blast Trump call, and Jim Crow Caucus Move

Donald Trump

By Cash Michaels

January 11, 2021 10:05AM
Cash Michaels
Cash Michaels

Irving Joyner, law professor at NC Central University School of Law, and chair of the NC NAACP Legal Redress Committee, was livid when he heard a recording of Pres. Trump’s Jan. 2nd phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, allegedly trying to illegally pressure the fellow Republican officeholder into “finding” 11,780 votes from the Nov. 3rd presidential election there so that Trump could officially claim Georgia’s already certified 16 electoral votes.

Irving Joyner
Irving Joyner
“Had you done what Donald Trump did with Brad Raffensperger or anyone else for that matter, you would have already been arrested, prosecuted, and executed or deported back to Africa,” Joyner exclaimed in an email, echoing other legal experts that Trump may have violated federal and state laws. “What the hell is going on in America?”

For the record, and history, Democratic challenger Joe Biden beat incumbent Trump by approximately 12,000 votes in Georgia, and over 7 million votes nationally. But that has not stopped Trump, who is scheduled to officially leave office at the stroke of 12 noon on January 20th, from declaring that the 2020 election was “stolen” from him.

Problem is, after approximately 60 lawsuits, neither Trump nor any of his legal team have offered a shred of provable evidence in various courts or elsewhere to bolster his claims. His Jan. 2nd. telephone stunt is now seen as a desperate act, by a desperate man.

Carl Fox
Carl Fox
“This call is despicable and unprecedented!!!,” said retired Senior Resident Superior Court Judge, and former Orange County District Attorney Carl Fox in a Facebook post. “It should be investigated and submitted to a grand jury for its consideration. Rest assured, this call would be submitted to a grand jury if the caller was Mary Jo or John Q. Public. The president is NOT above the law!”

That feeling is not just limited to NC African American law professors and former Superior Court judges.

Congresswoman Alma Adams [NC-12], just sworn-in Sunday for her fourth term, joined a congressional resolution along with North Carolina colleague Rep. G. K. Butterfield and over 90 other House members “censuring and condemning Pres. Trump for attempting to overturn the results of the November 2020 presidential election in the State of Georgia.”

But Rep. Adams did not stop there. She also later added, “Donald Trump belongs in prison. His actions justify it, the integrity of the Constitution necessitates it, and the sanctity of our Democracy requires it.”

Alma Adams
Alma Adams
However, approximately 140 Republican House colleagues of Adams disagree, so much in fact, they joined with what was expected to be at least 13 Republican U.S. senators yesterday who declared they would not except the Electoral College votes certifying Democrat Joe Biden as the new president-elect, instead demanding a 10-day period to appoint a commission to investigate allegations of “voter fraud.”

So why should African Americans care? Because legal and political analysts say this is really about race and discounting the votes of African Americans.

In the six battleground states where Trump’s lawyers sought to overturn the election results, they targeted predominately Black areas where African Americans won the state for Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. The courts in those states threw out those cases.

In Georgia, Trump claimed that thousands of votes were shredded in Fulton County, where 44 % of its one million population are Black.

Michael Steele, the Black former chairman of the Republican National Committee was blunt. “[Trump] tried to engage a conspiracy to violate the Constitution and the US Code by throwing out duly certified votes of citizens…by “attempting to deprive” Black voters in Georgia of their vote after “a fair and impartially conducted election.”

“In every jurisdiction that is presently being challenged by Donald Trump today is where African Americans eagerly used mail-in balloting to enlarge their participation in the voting process,” Professor Joyner explained. “This enlarged and engaged participation by African Americans (because of the pandemic), in those Trump targeted jurisdictions, provided the overwhelming margin of victory for President-Elect Joe Biden.

“As such,” Joyner continued, “the attacks on voting that are being orchestrated by Donald Trump and his allies are directed at taking away votes which were cast by African Americans. When the Donald Trump gang rants about the casting of illegal mail-in ballots, they are referring to this large outpouring of African American political power and opposition that ousted him from office. In past elections, mail-in ballots have been primarily used by White voters.”

“Trump and his forces are outraged that they can’t identify any illegal or inappropriateness in these African American cast ballots to justify not counting them which has caused them now to focus on “outright” theft of the election in these targeted jurisdictions,” Joyner continued.

White moderate Republican “Never Trumper’s” like former strategists Stuart Stephens and Steve Schmit call the GOP Trump supporters in Congress pushing for the 2020 presidential election results to be thrown out “the Jim Crow Caucus.” “The Jim Crow Senators are trying to throw away the votes of millions of Black Americans,” Schmit said on Twitter, noting that Trump’s current chief of staff, former North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows was on that Jan 2nd Georgia call with Trump.

“A man who cried crocodile tears at the death of a great man @RepCummings is now seeking to toss out the votes of millions of Black Americans,” Schmit said. “Meadows has betrayed his country. His shame will be forever.”

Legal analysts note that if the Fulton County District Attorney wanted to charge Meadows as an accessory to violating Georgia election law, she could do it immediately.

“This represents the lowest of the lows,” former Judge Carl Fox says of the Republican effort to overturn the election. “So, the sore losers with no evidence whatsoever should be able to keep the legitimate winner of the election from taking office based upon their unfounded, unsubstantiated objections, feelings, or beliefs? January 20th cannot, CANNOT come too soon!”

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