Classic Styling


grey pea coatWhen one thinks of classic styling, they could easily be considering something of the highest rank; that acts as a stable model or standard and has lasting worth.

However, when we think of classic clothing pieces, we consider garments that seemingly never go out of style.

The cold weather can quickly bring out one of these classic pieces. I am speaking of the pea coat. I am reminded of my days as a young girl putting a pea coat on my Christmas list, hoping to find it wrapped nicely under the Christmas tree. To my surprise one day my wish came true as I pulled it out of the box. My I thought, I had made it into fashion heaven. In my mind it was a step above an ordinary pea coat for kids

Originally, the pea coat was navy blue, heavy wool, double breasted and worn only by sailors. The short length and tailored fit along with the double set of buttons down the front seemed to make it extra special. The tailored design gave the coat a certain regal effect.

The pea coat has long been considered a classic garment and remains on the fashion scene today. Although variations such as color and length have been added; the same classic styling remains.

Classic and timeless, the pea coat is one for the ages.

And as always, it's a wrap!