Critical Race Theory: Threats made against school administrators

Critical Race Theory

By Cash Michaels

July 30, 2021 11:20AM
Cash Michaels
Cash Michaels

The growing controversy surrounding “Critical Race Theory” has now gone from over-the-top political rhetoric to heated parental protests, and now threats of violence against school administrators across the state.

In Wilmington, the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is investigating threats of intimidation being made against the NHC School Board and its superintendent, Dr. Charles Foust. This comes a week after the regularly scheduled in-person July school board meeting had to be cut short two weeks ago because the packed audience became unruly and demanded to be heard. That forced the NHC School Board to finish its public meeting virtually and putting speakers on videotape for its own safety.

While there are several school issues of concern to parents and citizens up for debate, there is no question that the commonly held belief that Critical Race Theory allegedly is slated to be taught starting in the coming school year is at the top of the list.

Charles Foust
But according to Dr. Foust - who did not return a Wilmington Journal request for comment Monday - there are no plans for Critical Race Theory to be taught in New Hanover County Public Schools.

Supt. Foust has said the school district is not teaching Critical Race Theory, primarily because it is a collegiate level concept about the history of systematic racism that has been taught in universities and law schools for the past forty years, not secondary schools, or primary schools.

What will be taught will be based on the new social studied standards adopted by the NC Board of Education that focus more on the history of American slavery, with students being challenged to engage in critical thinking about what they learn.

But parents in Wilmington, and elsewhere, like Guilford County, see any focus on America’s racial past as “Marxist indoctrination,” so much so that last June, many rose up in righteous indignation over what they thought was the teaching of Critical Race Theory in their schools.

Sharon Contreras
Guilford Schools Supt. Sharon Contreras has had to face threats since June, again, over false accusations about Critical Race Theory being taught in the school system there. A conservative group called Take Back Our Schools reportedly has been “banging on the windows” of the school district headquarters, demanding that Contreras be fired over the allegation.

Many of the alleged threats have been racist in nature, directed at Supt. Contreras, and calling students of color “BLM thugs” and “anti-white racists.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools haven’t seen any threats over Critical Race Theory yet, but at least 80 outrage parents blasted the CMS school board two weeks ago primarily because the school system paid $25,000 to an African American speaker for a “race theory presentation” during a summer leadership conference.

"I'm not co-parenting with the government. It is not your job to force these ideas onto my child," parent Abby Daugherty told the CMS Board. "Your job is to teach my child math language arts, science, and history, including American history. We are Americans."

Other school boards across the state have gotten the message and, have effectively outlawed the teaching of any subject matter that reflects badly on American history, regardless of how true it is.

Add to that, Republican lawmakers passing HB 324 to formally outlaw Critical Race Theory, and Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson standing firm against the new social studies standards, alleging that they teach that America is a racist nation, and it should be no surprise that the level of rhetoric, threats and violence will increase when the school year resumes in a few weeks.

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