It has been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Your invitation has arrived for a high tea luncheon. You are immediately filled with attire anxiety. For a first time guest to such an applied fancy affair, you realize quickly that you don’t have a thing to wear.

Don’t dismay, simply google or search any informational source for ideas that would be perfect for the occasion. Consider the host, guests of honor and other invitees in order to determine how fancy your look needs to be.

For the lady that is not used to dressing up in such a fancy manor, it is a great idea to channel fancy ladies in your family or church. Think of the preparation as a stroll down memory lane as a little girl. Most of us remember going into our mother’s closet with or without per-mission putting on her clothing, hats, handbags and shoes.

Once we were finished, unknowingly we were ready for a high tea affair. We of course chose her fancy pieces as we were determined to mimic mom as we played dress up.

Fast forward to the reality of preparing for a high tea affair, be inspired from this magical time. When all have gathered, the look is very similar to those days of playing dress up. High tea dressing can be fun as it may take you out of your normal style for a few hours.

Oftentimes you can pull a light and airy dress from your closet, add a hat and handbag and let your creativity begin. Creatively add flowers or a scarf to your hat, pull out your pearls and you are ready to go. The more experienced high tea guest looks at preparation more in a competitive manner to have the fanciest hat or garment. Either way, make it fun and enjoy your tea party.

And as always, it’s a Wrap!

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