Gail Young Says “All” Residents Deserve Equal Representation

Gail Young
The Candidate for House District 83 “For All People”


CCONCORD, NC – Gail Young’s life’s goal was never to become a politician, but living in an area where it was evident that all residents were not being represented changed her mind.

In August, she attended the first Poor People’s Campaign at Antioch Church in Charlotte and was inspired by Reverend Dr. William Barber. She listened to him over the next few months, and felt the need to join the movement.

She told me, “My faith is extremely important to me and I felt drawn to become involved in his work. As I assessed my skills, I realized that there needs to be legislators who have the courage to stand up for the message the Poor People Campaign is sending. That is why I decided to run for House District 83.”

After look at the incumbents tract record Young realized he was not doing a good job of representing “ALL” people. “He seems to represent only the people who vote for him,” she said. And she added, “I think I can do a better job of standing up for all people.”

Young realizes she, nor anyone can immediately solve all issues and concerns, she has three top priorities:

Her first priority mentioned was voting rights: “Voting rights are fundamental, Districts should be drawn to keep communities together rather than push the political power of a party. Voting rules should make it more appealing to vote and not more difficult,” Young said.

A quality education is a right for all children, and is her next priority – the children are the future. “We need to invest in our future; pay competitive wages to quality teachers; pay the true cost of per pupil expenditures; and provide art, music and athletics in every school,” Young added. Interested in programs like ESSA, Young would like to see the system incorporate trades in the curriculum, and expand the programs which encourage internships in businesses as part of the high school curriculum.

Last, but equally as important, Young feels health care should be a right. “We are a country of abundance and we should provide for our children and our elderly. We need to develop bridge programs so that people maintain insurance coverage as they transition rather than being cut off of needed services and programs,” she said.

Other issues are identified on her website:, or on Facebook at: Gail Young for North Carolina.

To area resident she says, “My pledge to you is to keep an office in Concord so you have access to me. I plan to work with community leaders and elected officials to determine the priorities that I then will represent in Raleigh.”