From the desk of Senator Joyce Waddell

Charlotte, NC – Finally, after a year since its passage, House Bill 2, Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, is removed from the books. House Bill 142, the replacement of House Bill 2, passed the Senate 32-16 then passed the House 70-48. The legislation was signed into law by Governor Roy Cooper on March 30.

House Bill 2 took away an individual’s right to sue in state court for discrimination, removed the local governments’ rights to impose workplace protections in its contracts with private businesses, and exempted protections for the LGBT community. The controversial measure resulted in the loss of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. House Bill 142 repeals House Bill 2, prohibits local governments from enacting access rules for public accommodations or private employment practices, and blocks the passage of any local nondiscrimination ordinance until December 2020. All local nondiscrimination ordinances that were in place prior to House Bill 2’s passage have been reinstated.

͞House Bill 142 was a compromise to end the economic damage hurting our families and businesses. It makes progress toward our ultimate goal. This is not the end of our work to make North Carolina better, and we will continue pressing to make our state a more welcoming and fair place,͟ said Senator Joyce Waddell.

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