Letter to Editor: Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell


June 28, 2020 2:08AM
James Hankins
James Hankins

As a Teacher, My Grade for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is an F!

Goodell said, “we were wrong for not listening to Black player’s complaints of racism.”

In his so-called apology he never said the name Colin Kaepernick. Colin was the brave football player who took a knee during the playing of the national anthem. He explained to the press that his demonstration was to bring long- overdue attention to Black males being beaten and killed by white policemen.

TRUMP called the players kneeling SOB’s and said the owners should fire them. Many players took a knee, but they decided to make an example of Colin Kaepernick, so they blackballed him thus ending his career in pro football.

Colin Kaepernick
The owners told the generals managers and coaches not to give Colin a workout or sign him. I question, what other mystery Black players did Goodell have secret talks with? Commissioner Goodell is paid 40-million dollars a year to carry out the directions of the team owners. Nine (9) of the 32 owners gave millions to the TRUMP campaign and inauguration party. They are Jimmy Haslam (Cleveland Browns), Edward Glazer (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Woody Johnson (New York Jets), Shahid Khan (Jacksonville Jaguars), Stan Kroenke (Los Angeles Rams), Robert McNair (Huston Texans), Robert Kraft (New England Patriots), Daniel Snyder (Washington Redskins), and Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys).

The history of Black males being severely beaten then crucified by white cops is as long as the Mississippi River. The first televised event and highest profiled beating to my knowledge was Rodney King in 1991. Eric Garner was crucified in 2014 and George Floyd in 2020.

In the 60s when I marched as youth vice-president of the New Hanover County NAACP branch, there was only one white person marching with us, my Catholic priest, Fr. Swift. Today many of the marchers/protesters are white and other races. Some of Dr. King’s dreams are starting to happen. Romans 15:5 “May GOD, who gives this patience and encouragement, help you live in complete harmony with each other, as it is fitting for followers of Christ Jesus.”

A visionary who happens to be my favorite writer, actor, director and filmmaker, Spike Lee, made a film in 1989 called “Do The Right Thing.” I encourage all to watch it again, or for the first time, and see what was then is still now. Notice the similarities between Radio Raheem, Eric Garner, and George Floyd. If we, the people, study, boycott, work, march, fight the power, register, vote and pray together, we shall overcome.

James J. Hankins—Wilmington, NC— 910-233-1968

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