Voices 4 the People members
On the left: Blanche Penn and Spencer Merriweather


CHARLOTTE, NC - On a cold Saturday morning, with temperature hovering around 19 degrees, Pastor Esdras T. Cruz and members of New Haven Community Church of Charlotte opened their doors to “Voices 4 the People.” The organization was founded by Blanche Penn, Linda Cruz, and Deshauna McLamb in an effort to monitor and hold Mecklenburg’s elected officials accountable.

On Saturday, January 6, 2018, Mecklenburg’s first African American District Attorney, Spencer Merriweather III became their first guest.

The crowd of fifty- plus, excited by his appearance, had many questions for the newly appointed D.A. As a result, Merriweather clearly explained such topics as investigations and prosecution of various crimes. Included were issues of crime prevention, outreach, careers, and education. One concern clearly on the DA’s mind, and the first of many topics was the city’s increase in crime. More ↠

with Lavern Ellerby
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