Mecklenburg Council of Elders Announces New Board Members and Annual Presentations

Daphne Smith and Maria Macon
Picture L to R: Daphne Smith and Maria Macon

By Maria Macon

January 11, 2021 11:22AM

CHARLOTTE, NC - Mecklenburg Council of Elders (MCOE) announces the induction of five new board members to its governing board, they are: former NC Boxing Commissioner Alvin ‘Coach’ Simpson, Community Participation Revitalization founder Aker El Bey, Smith School of Science Director Daphne Smith, United Council for Change founder Dr. Blanche Penn, and Charlotte Area PeaceKeepers President Norman Muhammad.

The announcement was made at the organization’s 2020 End-of-the-year Gathering Dec. 30, 2020 at the recently opened Noble Smoke Barbeque Restaurant on Freedom Dr. in Charlotte.

The organization also presented two new first-time awards which will become annual presentations. For Media Involved in Crime Prevention was awarded to Final Cut Multimedia, and an Inter-board Annual Traveling trophy presented to The M.E.N., Inc. for going beyond and above the call of duty by providing $100,000 worth of vitamins and personal care pharmaceutical supplies to nonprofit organizations that provided them to disenfranchised communities pre-COVID-19 pandemic.

Other board members in attendance were: A.W. Burgess founder and president of Family Mankind, Inc.; Camille Stephens director of Locked Out Love, Inc.; Corey Muhammad Student Minister for the Nation of Islam – Mosque #36; Fredy Romero founder of ColomboAmerican Foundation; Garcia Nelson director of The M.E.N.; Rhandu Adams 1st Vice President of Mecklenburg Council of Elders; Terry Stokes founder of Inspire Higher; Thomas Townsend President of ColomboAmerican Foundation and Dr. Vanessa Stuart founder of Human Capital Investment, Inc.

Board members not present due to the Pandemic were: Sylvia L. Grier Genesis Project 1; Chevelle Jackson Treasurer of Mecklenburg Council of Elders; Aker El Bey and Norman Muhammad.

Mecklenburg Council of Elders is a criminal justice community based nonprofit organization. “The intergenerational and intercultural board of directors are the lifeblood of our organization” says April Benson,” MCOE’s Administrative Assistant.

Ms. Benson said, “the mission of the organization is to serve as a legal service agency; promoting criminal justice to create a sense of safety, trust and justice within Charlotte and Mecklenburg communities, by providing programs and educational awareness that serves as an alternative to the arrest of youth, young adults and adults of all ages.” “We implement community services with goals and objectives toward three primary concerns: Prevention, Intervention and Post Incarceration, which addresses the areas of Law, Justice and Community Outreach,” quipped Benson.

If you are interested in supporting MCOE organization contact the founder and executive director Maria Macon at 980.202.9149, or email at:, or for more information visit their website at:

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