Rev. Barber will join notables to save The Journal building

The Wilmington Journal Building
Photo via: Matt Born/StarNews
February 19, 2021 11:15AM
Rev. Barber

Wilmington, NC—Rev. William Barber will join notables from around the state and nation to support Saving The Wilmington Journal Building during the Feb. 20th Telethon. Rev. Barber joins Dr. Ben Chavis, as well as local hosts, Bigg B, Rhonda Bellamy, Sandra McClammy, Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith, Pastor Kojo Nantambu, and Linda Rawley Thompson for the 9-hour Virtual Telethon streaming live on Facebook@savethewilmingtonjournal.

Contributions in the effort to continue to come in as they have currently exceeded $45,000, thanks to a contribution by the NC Black Publishers Association. However, the effort still has a $48,000 challenge ahead to pay off the $93,000 note held by the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services.

Donors can come by Telethon Headquarters at Freedom Way Ministries located at 1952 Dawson Street in Wilmington, NC to make their donations the day of the telethon. Contributions can also be made at, or The Wilmington Journal C/O NBLC, P.O. box 10686, Wilmington, NC 28404. Make your check or money order out to: National Black Leadership Caucus, for Save the Journal Building, or better yet call 910-762-5502, and use your Debit or Credit card to make your contribution. Contributions can also be made through Cash App ($SaveJournalbuilding).

For nearly a century The Wilmington Journal has served as a voice for the African American community, and the causes of oppressed individuals across this country. This historic newspaper is the oldest black-owned newspaper in North Carolina and remains under the operation and ownership of its founding family, the Jervay’s.

Make your contribution to continuing the recording of Black History today through the pages of The Wilmington Journal. To be a part of this community Telethon find us on Facebook at “Save The Wilmington Journal” to sign up. For further information contact Dorian Cromatie at email: phone/text 910-512-2846.

Preserve your voice in the community for generations to come, who will need a Wilmington Journal for fight for them.

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