Simpson-Gillespie United Methodist Church Hosted Successful Drive-By Pizza Give-A-Way

Simpson-Gillespie Members wait for students to get pizzas

By Fran Farrer

June 19, 2020 2:10AM
Fran Farrer
Fran Farrer

CHARLOTTE, NC – Everything that happens in life has a purpose; good or bad, and most often realizing how and why, faith believers see these times as opportunities to ask themselves, “What Would Jesus Do.”

Simpson-Gillespie United Methodist Church hosted a successful “Drive-Thru-Pizza Party” Thursday, June 6, 2020 and gave away 125 large pizzas.

The parking lot was cleared and members marked the route to pick up their pizzas, a special parking area was available for a detour if anyone wanted prayer from the pastor, Rev. Darryl Dayson.

Considered a small church when looking at the number of members; but a mega church when viewing the outpouring of love of not only their congregants, but the community-at-large, the district, conference and the world when giving of their time and blessings.

Simpson-Gillespie Members hands pizza to participant
Pizza guest were not pressured to join, asked for a donation, their financial needs, or anything personal, just to enjoy the pizza and if they desired prayer it was made available.

The idea stemmed from a Council member at the close of a Council meeting, and all team members agreed. Often called the little church on the corner of Beatties Ford and Griers Grove Roads; this blessing did not come from an overflow of funds in the budget, it came from financial blessings from congregants.

That member was Brenda Morrison, who was ecstatic with the response, and had this to say, “Our Church Council was 100% behind the drive-thru pizza party as a way for the church to continue “ministering in the midst of Covid-19.” We wanted to let our friends and neighbors know that the Church cares; We are here for them, and we are in this together.”

Other members and volunteer’s comments after the party included, but not limited to, “It was amazing!” It was awesome! “That’s what love looks like on Beatties Ford Road,” and “Thanks be to God!”

Congregants blessings were go great another pizza party is scheduled for July. Continue to read The County News for the announcement.

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