Statesville’s 6th Annual “Stop the Violence” cookout a huge success

Statesville's Stop the Violence Volunteers
Photo by Todd Scott

By Fran Farrer

September 3, 2021 1:40PM

Statesville STV cookout
STATESVILLE, NC – Saturday, August 28th, the city was proud to participate in a successful 6th Annual “Stop the Violence Cookout,” at Harris Park with approximately 400 in attendance. Founder, Geron White was thrilled with the attendance and community participation.

Statesville STV cookout
White, a Statesville City employee said in his job capacity he gets to ride throughout the city and witness all needs and the influx of violence. As a father, he found it necessary to offer children an opportunity to see the possibilities of avoiding crime, and advantages of helping heal wounds. Starting the cookout was a small way to reach parents and children.

Statesville STV cookout
Bringing the community together with police officers in attendance goes a long way in dismissing the myth that all police are bad. Chief Addison and staff made it possible to give away 28 bicycles and helmets and, did not stop there. Each bike is registered offering means of reducing crimes.

Statesville STV cookout
In addition to free bikes, a bounce house, great food, voter registration volunteers, and members of the Statesville NAACP were on site to give membership forms as well.

Statesville STV cookout
As a father, White’s ultimate goal is to offer a better future for children, youth, and teens to prevent them from joining groups initiating violence.

Statesville STV cookout
White admits he is more of a behind the scenes kind-of-guy but is pleased to have a circle of friends willing to support such a needed program.

Photos, courtesy of Todd Scott

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