CHARLOTTE, NC – The city of Charlotte had a clarion call seeking leaders from grass roots organizations, leaders in the community and interested citizens to participate in a City launch entitled Civic Leadership Academy. Over 250 applicants applied and 35 were selected to participate.

Thursday, April 20, 2017, The City of Charlotte graduated its first class of Civic Leaders. Students participating in the class committed to 8 weeks of engaging and stimulating classes such as Charlotte Then and Now, Government 101, Community Safety, Policing and Trust, Affordable Housing, Place Types and Unified Development Ordinance, City Budget, and Civic Leadership.

The students were each given an assessment to help them identify their leadership styles, strengths, and weaknesses. As a result of the assessment, were able to add new skills of communicating, resolving conflict and an increased awareness of their dominant styles in leading.

Each week students were given assignments to enhance their knowledge of the city’s operations and departments. In addition, students were also allowed to openly discuss the ability to recognize the bias that impacts our city. The students were also able to experience a day at the Police Academy. Many experienced making life and death decisions in simulated police related incidences.

During the eight week training, students had the opportunity to hear from several of the City Council members and the Charlotte staff. During the night of graduation, Deputy City Manager Sabrina Joy-Hogg celebrated the students commitment to complete the eight-week course, encouraged them to get involved in the community to strengthen the relationship between city leadership and its citizens.

Lacey Williams and her team were the dream team for this dynamic class.
Williams kept the class on track and engaged with articles and writing assignments to stretch their sensitivity quotient. Additionally, she welcomed the ideas for ways to enhance the course for the next group.

DeAlva Wilson, of D. Wilson Agency provided the Purposeful Leadership training. Her role in the eight week session allowed the students to realize some core competencies: Emotional Intelligence, Humanity, Equity, Opportunity, Collaboration and Influence and Commitment to Action. The class walked away with a clearer understanding of what it means to have emotional intelligence. As D. Wilson states “The ability to manage yourself and your relationships effectively requires being aware of your own feelings and those of others; using emotions that are appropriate for the situation; self-motivation and relationship building approaches.”

Each student shared their two minutes declaration statement as they accepted their Certificate of Completion. All statements given were filled with passion, compassion, determination and resolve to make Charlotte the city all citizens would be happy to call home.

Congratulations: Adam Pasiak, Alana-Nicole Dery, Alex Romero, Alexis Kondratyk, Bernice Mar, Betty Wicker, Bianca Payton, Christopher Cathcart, David McIntyre II, Denise Jackson, Friedrick Reid, Glencie Rhedrick, James Bryan, Jessie Hermann, Jhermel Goss, Joe Payne, Joshua Ortiz, Katherine Metzo, Kristen Dibble, Laura Magnuson, Lena Patel, Linda Hill, Marc Dickmann, Marcus Kirkman, Michael Whitener, Milliea Rana, Miriam Martin, Nadine Ford, Ola Mitchell, Page Lee, Ruth Perez, Taryn Rimland, Theresa Braswell, and Tiffani Teachey- Civic Leadership Academy CoHort I. Stay tuned for more to come!

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