We’re Stronger Together

IMC members sitting at a table

By Fran Farrer

March 20, 2022 3:05AM
Fran Farrer
Fran Farrer

As we approach the primaries, please consider many of the questions I asked in last week’s issue, with the major one being, “what has your incumbent done for you lately?” If you may recall, many victors in the last election won by a mere 20%. That alone should pose questions. The next question to consider: have you seen the new candidate working to improve your community? If you have seen the new candidate on the ground fighting for your rights, helping to improve the conditions of your streets, advocating to increase community policing, and attending your community meetings, then the choice of who gains your vote should be a no brainer!

Understand that although your community may be diverse, most people share the same concerns and desires for the quality of life they choose for their families and community. So, vote for the candidate that is considerate of everyone.

More importantly, candidates should do the same; count no vote out, present your platform to everyone and visit their communities. Successful candidates have often made it their business to visit a meeting of The International Minority Coalition (IMC). IMC has a membership of over 140 people of diverse backgrounds, including, but not limited to: African Americans, Caucasians, Ghanaians, Asian Americans (Afghans, Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, Pakistanis), Hispanics, Haitians, Jamaicans, Dominicans, and American Indian.

Willie Fleming
Willie Fleming
“Stronger together,” IMC founder, Willie Fleming frequently says. Fleming is a North Carolina native, United States military veteran, insurance specialist, professional sales representative, father, and grandfather.

“May the Work I’ve Done Speak for Me,” an old Negro Spiritual, is the epitome of who Fleming is, and how his goal to improve the lives of all has garnered his following.

Fleming’s life’s work has attracted others and garnered him recognition. He was awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine by the Governor of North Carolina. He served as chair of Precinct 95. In 2011 he was voted President of the African American Caucus of Mecklenburg County, for which he served two terms. He worked with Mecklenburg County Hispanic Caucus and Auxiliaries. In addition, he was appointed as the Chair of Minority Relations for the 12th Congressional District for the 2019 Democratic Convention.

Working “Stronger Together,” is the only way the right candidates will be elected in 2022. And on a personal note, I am not only proud to be a childhood friend of his, but I’m also a member of IMC.

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