March 20, 2020 5:11PM
James Hankins
James Hankins

As a teacher, I often told my students, “your actions are so loud that I can’t hear what you are saying.” Example: Pence has a daily briefing telling us the progress of our fight with the coronavirus. The number of tests they claim daily are like the number of fish the fisherman said he caught every time he repeated the story. He and TRUMP tell us to stay 6 feet away from each other to keep down the spread as the 18 or more people they showcase on stage with them stand shoulder to shoulder. Their mouths are about sixteen inches apart and TRUMP shook hands with six VIP CEO’s.

We people have grouped ourselves into two types: Christians and Atheists. There are four types of Christians: full-time, part-time, Christmas and Easter Sunday only (smile) and retired. There are two types of atheists. The ones that say there is no GOD and the ones that live as if there is no GOD. There are a lot of self-proclaimed Christian’s in the 2nd category of atheists.

We are faced with two deadly problems, coronavirus and Trumpism. Our, lives and our children’s lives are now in the hands of this idiot TRUMP. He is not governing like a President of the United States but ruling as a dictator like his friends and brothers Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

President Obama formed an emergency task force to study pandemic around the world and be prepared; study and defeat them.

TRUMP had and has so much hatred and jealousy toward Obama that he disbanded it. We made a big mistake by not voting, thereby electing TRUMP. GOD gave and is giving us many opportunities to stop him, impeachment trial, statewide elections and November 3, 2020 elections.

Regardless of whomever you believe and follow, we all need, for the future of our children, to come together register and vote TRUMP and all his totally corrupt politicians out of office.

As for me and my household, we will believe in GOD, call the wicket wicked, serve GOD and vote all the parasites out.

James J. Hankins—Wilmington, NC— 910-233-1968