A Lavish Reception Chronicled The Males Place’s Recent Journey to Cuba

The Males Place Youth
Warriors of The Males Place Training Program


August 8, 2019 11:00AM
Fran Farrer
Fran Farrer

CHARLOTTE, NC – Saturday, The Males Place hosted a lavish reception at Rockwell AME Zion Church to honor and recognize donors and supporters of the young warrior’s recent trip to Havana, Cuba. WBTV News’ Dedrick Russell served as Master of Ceremony.

The Males Place Warriors 7-day sojourned focused on literacy, education, service and sustainability, and their presentation to guests present was unbelievable. Without cue cards young Warriors shared Cuba’s history and culture, recognized the fertile land, usage of sugar cane, that slaves in Cuba were treated worse than in the United States, and that Fidel Castro was not the evil tyrant that most thought him to be. Warriors never give up; one that could not make the trip created and shared a rap relative to Cuba and gained a standing ovation.

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WBTV Reporter Dedrick Russell and Reggie Singleton
In his greeting, Baba Reginald Singleton, founder & Executive Director, not only thanked those that made and make all that they accomplish possible, but shared that the efforts parents make to have their sons participate is why they have enjoyed 26-years of success. The proof was truly in the pudding by the Congressional Proclamation presented by Congresswoman Alma Adams.

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TMP Mshauri's AJ Simmons and William Jasper
The Males Place Mantra: I watch my thoughts. They become my words. I watch my words. They become my actions. I watch my actions. They become my character. I watch my character. It determines my destiny. Values are categories of commitment and priorities which enhance or diminish human possibilities. As a result of the manhood training I’m receiving at The Males Place, I have a positive focus on my thoughts, words, actions, character and destiny. Which will enhance my possibilities. Thus benefiting myself, my family, my community and my people.

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TMP Mshauri Ken Smith Looks On As Mshauri William Jasper Fixes Bow Tie of TMP Warrior
“When the male is not initiated into the village; He will burn it to the ground to feel it’s warmth.” – An African Proverb.