Bring Out the Sunshine

By Laverne Ellerbe

March 20, 2020 2:05PM

We have often talked about the psychology of colors in our weekly “Fashion Trends” articles. Colors have been mood setters in life and even affect what we wear. If you are feeling down and out, brighten your mood with exciting color.

For instance, we have always associated the color black with dark situations, uniformed rituals, funerals and on the brighter side evening wearing for night life. As a designer and seamstress I remember when brides first dared to put their bridesmaids in black dresses for her wedding party. The scowls and negativity towards the thought of black bridesmaid dresses was definitely unwarranted. It was looked at as if in a superstitious manner of cursing the wedding.

Let’s move from this space of doom and gloom. If you are feeling down and out, brighten your mood with exciting color. Although the country is in a bad place as we deal with this current health crisis, and we are experiencing a very scary financial climate; we need to find a happy place. We must do as much immediate searching for happy places as possible. Finding happy colors is an easy way; at least momentarily to change your mood.

Have you ever walked into a room and spotted bright yellow walls that brought a smile to your face? The yellow walls added such a cheerful ambiance to the room. The purpose was to lift the spirits of all who entered. Have you thought about choosing yellow home interior accents to bring a little sunshine inside? Curtains, pillows and rugs are great accents for ones that dare to be different. Yellow jewelry and accessories add a pop of sunshine to your look. The color yellow brightens the look of darker pieces of clothing. Yellow adds an explosive look with other vibrant colors creating major excitement for the woman on the go.

To unapologetically shine bright, wear a hot yellow dress, jumpsuit or suit. with this look there is no question about your mood.

We can all use a little sunshine in our lives! Don’t be afraid to shine, add mood changing yellow to your wardrobe.

And as always, it’s a wrap!

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