Congresswoman Adams Visits Immigration Detention Center along the Border

CHARLOTTE, NC — Congresswoman Adams visited the Southwest Key Children’s Detention Center in Brownsville, Texas. During her visit, she toured the detention center and spoke with staff to ensure that the administration is not neglecting its duty to care for the well-being of children separated from their parents due to the administration’s policy.

“The tour at the Brownsville facility was very limited, and we were not given an opportunity to speak with children being held there,” said Congresswoman Adams. “Though I asked many questions, most went unanswered. I left the facility without an understanding of how these children are treated on a day-to-day basis. As a mother and retired educator, this is deeply troubling. What was made clear is that the failed “Zero Tolerance” policy has created an influx of children being held at this facility and there is no clear timeline or plan for family reunification. Staff provided no indication that the deadline to reunite these children with their families would be met, which is unacceptable.

Sunday’s congressional visit should make it clear to this administration that Congress is paying attention. Members from both sides of the aisle demand federal oversight and accountability of these facilities. We will not tolerate the mistreatment of any child on American soil and we demand that these children be held in safe and humane conditions.”