Cultural Skirting with Kente

Mom and daughter in kente skirts

By Laverne Ellerbe

February 14, 2020 12:51AM

Woman in black kente skirt
Lift Every Voice and Sing Til’ Earth and Heaven Ring. Ring with the Harmonies of Liberty. Yes, this intro to the Black National Anthem is sung with vigor and soul throughout churches and arenas all over the land, especially during the month of February.

Through song and dress, Black History Month is filled with colorful cultural pride. And oh how beautiful it looks when the harmony of soul stirring music and the sashaying of vibrantly colored Afrocentric skirts in rhythm blend.

Let’s talk about the beauty of the jewel tone color combinations designed by artisans to create these wearable masterpieces. The extra full circular skirts will make one want to twirl to get the full effect of the countless yards of fabric used to make this beauty.

My introduction to skirts made of Kente cloth were a cheerfully mixed combination of gold, orange, red and royal colors in an identifiable abstract pattern. The unmistakable blend of colored threads woven together into beautiful patterns is the hallmark of Kente cloth.

Today the vibrant color combinations are endless and oftentimes showcase explosive designs. Whether it’s a mini or maxi skirt, the beauty is the same.

For extra flavor and cultural flair, add a matching head wrap. The matching head scarf is intricately wrapped in a manner fit for a queen. The full circular skirt and stately head wrap are a regal combination fit for celebration. And as always, it’s a wrap!

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