From the desk of Senator Joyce Waddell

Governor Roy Cooper Announces Finish Line Grants

Joyce Waddell

CHARLOTTE, NC – Governor Roy Cooper announced the Finish Line Grants program to help community college students in North Carolina facing unforeseen financial emergencies complete their course of study. The state allocated $7 million in federal funding to the program to help students pay for course materials, housing, medical needs, dependent care, and other financial needs that may arise. These grants will be available for the 2018-19 school year. Every community college in North Carolina has the option to participate in the Finish Line Grants program.

Students enrolled in a community college who have completed 75 percent of their degree and are in good academic standing may apply for the Finish Line Grants. Community colleges and workforce development boards will partner together to apply and establish a joint review process of funding requests from students. Funds will be applied to the debt and not given directly to students. The maximum grant for each student per semester is $1,000. To apply, students may contact the financial aid office at their school or local NCWorks Career Centers.

“As a former educator of 30 years, I can attest that students need the skills necessary to find a good job, and businesses need a quality workforce to grow and thrive. Unforeseen financial hardship should not prevent any student from achieving higher education. The Finish Line Grants program is a wonderful opportunity for students at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte to get the assistance they need in crossing the finish line of earning their degree,” said Senator Joyce Waddell.