Straw Hat


White Hat Don't you just love to see ladies in their fabulous church hats as they sashay into our places of worship on Sunday mornings? I do, and find these fascinating fashionistas head gear nothing short of amazing.

I have fond memories of my early fascination of fashion resurfaces while analytically watching the hat parade. Analytically, because I was always so in awe of vibrant and intricate designs.

Although as a designer in my own right, the styles, textures, and creative flow of a beautifully designed hat amazes me.

For some women wearing a stunning hat on Sunday is a must do. Typically she was groomed that way or dreamed of the day that she would strut her stuff in such finery.Green Hat

As the Easter parade is being prepared for this Sunday, let the Hat-i-tude begin. Which type hat do you find most fascinating? The choices will be many, from tiny and cute pill box to super wide brims filled with netting and floral expressions.

Since church hats are more attitudinal than for function, it's going to get real. As always, choose your personal style; make sure the fit is for you and “strut your stuff.”

And as always, it's a wrap!