Letter to Editor: I Have a Dream that the Good People Will Register, Turn Out in Record Numbers and Vote on November 3rd


May 4, 2020 11:56PM
James Hankins
James Hankins

We will elect Joe Biden President and his vice-president will be Val Demings or Stacy Abrams. President#46 Biden will appoint Patricia Harris as Attorney General. AG Patricia Harris will prosecute TRUMP and Barr using every federal law she researched and wrote on her legal pad and placed in her Corinthian leather attaché.

Elizabeth Warren will be his Treasury Secretary and, she will investigate the big banks and all other parasitic financial institutions and organizations then send her findings to AG Harris for prosecutions. TRUMP and Barr will shred the paperwork on all the illegal activities they can remember but they will miss some because they had so many. The honest and dedicated career government workers will hold some documents back to aid the AG in their prosecution. 99% of the world leaders have sent TRUMP a “Dear John” letter. President Biden will ask Barack Obama to be our Secretary of State to renew our respectable relationships with world leaders. All persons appointed by President Biden will be professionally qualified, reviewed and recommended by a diverse search committee. Joe Biden will never appoint an Education Secretary who never attended a public school, rode a school bus or taught a single lesson. He also would not appoint a dog breeder to oversee giving COVID-19 responses. We will not weaken the U.S. Senate by removing two extremely valuable members because, we will add at least six new Democrats. We will defeat Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), Thom Tillis (North Carolina), Martha McSally (Arizona), Cory Gardner (Colorado) and Susan Collins (Maine).

Independence Day for all good people will be on November 4, 2020 and we will sing “Happy Days Are Here Again!!!”

James J. Hankins—Wilmington, NC— 910-233-1968

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