If we work in our own backyards work will get done, let's agree

Lisa Mozer
Lisa Mozer

By Lisa Mozer Ed.D

January 17, 2022 10:25AM

STATESVILLE, NC – I am providing an application that can enhance more city representation for our communities because it is possible. Our influence to bring about more investment in our communities must be our priority to be effective and beneficial for change and improvements expected this year.

Our economics are not only influenced by political officials, and election campaigns; there are dozens of appointees that serve two- and three-year terms on city committees, such as: Historic Preservation Commission, Civil Service Board, Community Appearance Commission, Airport Commission, and others.

Many of these past appointees have demonstrated they had no concern for some communities. We cannot afford this any longer. We have to at least show up to one committee meeting per month, even if we are not on the board or committee. We have to build and implement our influence to get our work done. Our communities need us to apply (today) and to be the new board/committee appointees. Our diverse city needs all of our expertise and experience. You do not have to be an aeronautical engineer to be on the city’s airport commission. However, you do have to show up once per month to participate in discussions, such as budget for expansion, air space class compliance, and other items that impact air transportation and thus impact all. The planning and appropriation of critical resources for our city has to include our backyards, and we have to do the work to make sure our yards, businesses, and interests are supported too.

Please fill out an application, share the application with others, and even if we don’t get appointed this year - we can show up to a monthly meeting in 2022.

Application link:


Lisa Mozer is a life-long resident of Statesville and Iredell County. As a starch advocate, she is concerned about the imbalance of community improvement, restoration of historic sites, dirt streets in 2022, grown over burial grounds, and is not only sharing concerns, but on-the-ground running and doing some needed work herself.

If you are unable to connect to the link post on the news pages, please contact the city to provide the link on your computer or mobile device.

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