By Kojo Nantambu

April 12, 2020 2:12AM

It should be very obvious and has been clearly demonstrated that Trump is probably the most “Idiotic, Barbaric and Primal Creature”, ever called president, leader or even “human.” There has probably never been anyone in history as Devoid of human intelligence, human compassion, integrity, or any quality that would give a hint that he is even human.

Since he’s been on the scene the only thing that I’ve been able to draw from his behavior is, could it possibly be that he is “Incarnate Evil! It appears he is totally unable to display any “Civil Human Qualities, not to mention the weak minded thoroughly blinded people that agree with his “Barbaric and Demonic” behavior.

We all know he first called the virus a Hoax. Then he along with many other republicans, his son and all of his sick Sycophants and Minions, wanted to blame a diabolical and destructive virus, on the Democrats. Now he’s trying to blame the cities with absconding off with much needed medical supplies. He then began telling the cities and states, via his son in-law, that the federal stock pile is not to be used by the cities or the states but actually belongs to the Federal Government (Him). Then he turned 280 million or thousand mask over to an independent broker who then sold them overseas, while every major city in this country was begging for more face mask as well as other supplies. I believe the reason #45 took so long to move on the act that puts factories and other companies under Federal Authority is because he had his son-in-law out there trying to find companies or make new companies they can give that authority too, so they can then get their peace of the action.

The most prominent Liar, Grifter and Thief we know, accusing other people of stealing, in a tumultuous time as this, while he and his clan were being investigated for, violating all kinds of laws and practices where he’s allegedly fleecing America. It’s so pitifully ironic that such a well known dishonest, untrustworthy person as he, would try to project his wickedness on others to deflect the eyes of the world from himself.

I appeal to House Leader, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, don’t let #45 get away with Fleecing this country at it’s most vulnerable time. This blob of protoplasm is demonstrating everyday, that he has no interest in anything other than how he can take advantage of this country for his own gain no matter how disabling it maybe to it’s citizens or the whole government.