Less is More Styling

By Laverne Ellerbe

June 7, 2020 2:48AM
Laverne Ellerbe
Laverne Ellerbe

There are benefits to minimizing your wardrobe. I will consider this statement to be filled with lofty goals for myself and many of my readers. After years and years of living a life of plentiful closets, my hand is raised wanting less.

Imagine a world of having a sufficient amount of key staple pieces of clothing. Also imagine having a controlled amount of interchangeable footwear to coordinate with your staple pieces of clothing. Last but not least, having an ample choice of accessories are always an added plus.

Items of clothing
Is it possible to not have too many accessories? Of course it’s not possible for most of us. Either way accessories are great for stretching and recreating your look. Along with the other aforementioned wardrobe categories, not over purchasing takes a lot of self-control. Many of us are still working on it, however; it’s still a work in progress.

Now that we have traveled down the road of a futuristic simplistic life, we can breathe a sigh of uncluttered relief.

At Fashion Trends it is always our desire to give tips to help us all keep our style life together. According to fashion stylist there are typically 12 essential wardrobe pieces. They include a crisp white tee, little black dress, dark skinny jeans, pumps, button up shirt, knee length skirt, simple flats, wrap dress, Jean jacket, cardigan, ankle boots, and a pair of black pants. I’d like to add a nicely fitted blazer to add a professional look as needed. And of course, stylist don’t limit us to one piece per essential. These essentials can be easily mixed and are interchangeable to create many looks.

Ready, set, and simplify your life. And as always, it’s a wrap!

As you minimize your wardrobe you may find a few alterations are necessary. If so, please contact LaVerne Ellerbe at Ellerbe's Alterations & Boutique to schedule an appointment. Give me a call at: (704) 535-8760 Office, or (704) 369-6414 Cell.

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