Letter to the Editor

We Who Did Or Did Not Vote Helped Elect A Very Rich, Spoiled, Draft Dodger, Con Artist, Moron And Player Name TRUMP.

Excerpt from my book, “What We Blacks Need to Do”—Let our vote be our voice. Obama was the good, Nixon the bad and TRUMP is the ugly.

I wish I had the power to impeach TRUMP with my one vote, but only my North Carolina 7th District Republican congressman, David Rouzer can cast that vote for me. Rep. Rouzer will not vote against his mentor and hero TRUMP. He has bought (hook, line and sinker) into the TRUMP doctrine of bragging, greed, lying, nepotism, cheating, racial, sexual and religious discrimination, slandering, hiring unqualified people, and disrespecting ladies.

TRUMP said the immigrants from Haiti had AIDS, the Africans immigrants will never go back home to live in huts and he is treating Puerto Rico like a foreign country. Only about 55% of the island has had their electric power restored after the hurricanes. We Democrats and Independents need to flip at least 25 seats in the U.S. House and 3 in the Senate. We would then have the votes to impeach TRUMP. Find out the names of your House and Senate representatives who follow, lock-step, the TRUMP doctrine. Register yourself and get your family members and friends to register, then vote them out. We have many elected officials on our local and state level who follow the TRUMP doctrine too; so we must vote them out. The progressive Blacks, Whites and Independents in Alabama stood firm against the pedophiles, racist, fake Prophets/Christians, and bullies in the national Republican party and so can we. The election of State Representatives in Virginia ended in a 50/50 tie. There was one vote in question. The Democrat was declared the winner, but the election will be resolved in court. 0ver 400,000 people in Virginia will keep or be kicked off Medicaid. The Democrats say keep them on and the Republicans say, “kick them off”. Again we see our one vote does count. I will vote in every election in 2018. WILL YOU???

James J. Hankins-Wilmington, NC