Letter to Editor: The Only Man Lower Than Trump is Senator Ted Cruz!


February 26, 2021 1:26PM
James Hankins
James Hankins

The temperature in Texas was a freezing 29 degrees so Ted took his family to Cancun where it was 84 degrees. The 4-million-dollar man could afford to fly his family 1st class to Cancun and stay in the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort at a rate of $380.00 a day. How many days can your family afford to stay there? For his excellent equal service to “all” the people in Taxes, (smile) public servant Ted is paid $174,00 per year. This will break down to $14,500 per month, $3,346.15 a week, or $669.23 a day. Rich man Ted will vote NO on the upcoming stimulus bill to share $2,000 with you and NO to a $15.00 minimum wage for the least of us. There is nothing good we can say about Ted Cruz. He should resign. Our N.C. U.S. Senators Richard Burr makes his money doing in-side trading and Thom Tillis is wholly owned by big pharma and other lobbyist. Research them both for yourself and if you find them lacking, like I did, start looking for a new Senator to vote for on election day. If you know someone who is not registered and did not vote, please encourage them to set aside a few dollars to donate to their honest candidate campaign. GOD does not like con artists. Leviticus 18:29 “For whoever does any of these abominations shall be cut off from the people.”

James J. Hankins—Wilmington, NC

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