Letter to the Editor: Rob Peter to Pay Paul


TRUMP cut the taxes by 2.3 trillion dollars on the rich people, leaving them with more money in the pockets of their designer clothes. In order to balance and pay for the tax cuts, he must collect more money out of the (off the rack) pockets of us middle class and poor.

He and his Republicans in Congress have quietly pushed a bill through committee to cut Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare by 2 trillion dollars. While TRUMP keeps dominating the headlines with his inhumane treatment of children, threating to turn the Department of Education and Labor into one and many more, off the top of his head, foolish plans.

The U. S. House of Representatives will use those smoke screens and quietly (like a thief in the night) vote on the bill around 2:00am while we are sleeping.

Please stay awake and VOTE those draft dodging sunshine patriots out!!!