MeckMIN Statement: Racism in America


As people of faith, we mourn in outrage over the completely unnecessary loss of George Floyd, Sean Reed, Ahmaud Arbery, William Green and the countless other unarmed black people murdered by police officers and other armed men across the country.

Scripture and faith conviction call us to compassion and mercy, especially in places of authority. The many videos we have seen can only be described as vile acts of evil rooted in the abuse of power.

We acknowledge the fact that racism has been perhaps the most harmful disease this country has ever known. Considering the history of the natives of this land, African Americans and recent immigrants from Latin America; we must come together and honestly address this systemic oppression that is very much a central theme of American history up until this very moment. As we pray for the victims and their families who are suffering from these perpetual tragedies, we call upon everyone to get educated, speak up and get active in eradicating racism from our society.


The Board of Directors Representing

The Mecklenburg Metropolitan Interfaith Network

Contact Information: John Ederer,

President of the Board

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