From the desk of Senator Joyce Waddell

NCGA 2019 Wrap-Up: A Tale of Legislative Impasse

Joyce Waddell

CHARLOTTE, NC- The General Assembly has adjourned for the year, ending one of the longest legislative sessions in recent years that was riddled with contentious standoffs, heated debates, and controversial legislative-maneuvering surrounding one of the biggest issues left unsolved: the budget.

Senator Waddell filed 25 bills during the 2019 long session.

The Bills filed in House and Senate for 2019 were:

· House- 1,031
· Senate- 701
The bills passed by either the House or Senate before the May crossover deadline were 423 bills. Senator Waddell Sponsored & Cosponsored 21 Crossover bills. These bills include:

1.SB 55 (=HB 162) Continuing Education for General Contractors.
2.SB 64 (= HB 90) DPI/EC Div. Feedback/DIT Study/PED report.
3.HB 107 (=SB 101) PED Oversight/EPP Changes.
4.HB 221 (=SB 133) Rate-Making Amendments. -AB.
5.SB 155 Assess Costs of Local LEO Crime Lab Analysis.
6.SB 168 Expand Allowed Medical Uses/Cannabis Extract.
7.SB 191 Out-of-State Law Enforcement/2020Rep Convention.
8.SB 220 Removal of Political Signs by Citizens.
9.SB 225 Repeal Tuition Surcharge.
10.SB 230 Excused Absences for Military Children.
11.SB 232 Tracking Outcomes of Veterans Programs.
12.HB 363 (=SB 246) Craft Beer Distribution & Modernization Act.
13.HB 678 (=SB 300) Amend Counselor/SA/Soc. Worker Prof. Acts.
14.SB 302 (=HB 325) Update Svc & Care Plan Req's/ACH Residents
15.SB 310 (=HB 387) Electric Co-Op Rural Broadband Services.
16.SB 311 (=HB 607) Massage Board Membership.
17.HB 29 (=SB 314) Respect for Families-LEOs/Firefighters/EMS.
18.HB 382 (=SB 370) Study Generator Req's for Medical Offices.
19.SB 500 (=HB 591) Modify Advanced Math Course Enrollment.
20.SB 562 (=HB 874) The Second Chance Act.
21.HB 551 (=SB 616) LRC Study – Require Paid Work Breaks.

The state's operating budget for 2019-2020 remains dead. “It is important to work together to get legislation passed for all North Carolina Citizens” stated Senator Joyce Waddell.