Rep. Alma Adams Hosted a Town Hall in Davidson Monday

Alma Adams
Alma Adams


August 8, 2019 1:15PM
Fran Farrer
Fran Farrer

DAVIDSON, NC – Letting Davidson and Huntersville know, North Mecklenburg has her full attention, Congresswoman Alma Adams, Ph.D. (NC-12) hosted a town hall meeting 11am Monday morning in the Davidson Town Hall Assembly Room.

While thanking area residents for coming, Congresswoman Adams also thanked her friend, Davidson’s Mayor, Randy Knox for his assistance in making the occasion come to fruition. The Town Hall was specifically designed for constituents to have an opportunity to speak to her about any and all issues that matter to them, while giving an update on the first 200 days of Legislative work and positive results.

Rep. Adams reminded all that when she was first elected to the 12th District, Davidson, while in Mecklenburg County, was not in District 12, but she quickly assured them that they now have full representation and transparency.

Davidson Mayor Knox
Davidson Mayor, Randy Knox
Congresswoman Adams had six areas she wanted to share with those in attendance; the latest on President Trump’s impeachment, cleaning up the government corruption, lowering healthcare costs and prescription drug prices, raising wages, Black maternal health, and as a District, the sixth bullet is working on all of District 12 priorities.

Working to impeach #45, Donald Trump is still on the table, cleaning up the corrupt Government may only come with Constitutional changes, but if anyone can lead the effort, Congresswoman Adams can, Lowering healthcare costs; Rep. Adams noted that even if a man or woman has a job that pays only minimum wages, they cannot afford healthcare, medication and a roof over their heads. With that said, Rep. Adams says we must get both sides of the table to work to increase wages particularly in the 12th District. The Black maternal health statistics Rep. Adams shared were alarming to many.

With so many residents across District 12 either homeless or unable to properly provide for their families, particularly women, two bills that were introduced and approved out of subcommittees Rep. Adams chairs that are essential for our residents to know.

Town Hall Meeting Davidson
First, The House Education and Labor Committee Subcommittee on Workforce Protections.

H.R. 582 - Raise the Wage Act would gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2024 – a $1.30 raise per year, and his increase will put money in the pockets of 40 million hardworking Americans – nearly 30 percent of the workforce. Once fully phased in, this roughly translates into an annual pay increase of about $3,500 for the average affected worker. The bill would also eliminate the tipped minimum wage; this puts our service workers on an equal playing field and also eliminates the opportunity for wage theft. Most importantly, the bill indexes the minimum wage to inflation; meaning that we won’t have to be here 12 years from now fighting the same battle. The Raise the Wage Act would benefit one out of every three working women and 40 percent of all African American workers.

The H.R. 7 - Paycheck Fairness Act is another eye-opener: It took the average woman an additional 91 days—three additional months—to earn what her male peers earned in 2018. Today in North Carolina, women still only make about 82 cents for every dollar a man makes, and Black women earn only 63 cents for every dollar a man makes. According to Rep. Adams, the Paycheck Fairness Act would move us closer to the ideal of equal pay for equal work for men and women, Black and White. Without this bill, women and people of color will lose out on $5 billion each year. And, without this bill, women would have to work 10 years more—or up to 23 years more for women of color—just to be paid fairly.

Town Hall meetings are an ideal way for residents to know their representatives and for representatives to know what their District needs. Congresswoman Alma Adams is all in, and spent her Monday evening at her second Town Hall at St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church on Norris Avenue in Charlotte.