Retired Teachers Quarterly Meeting Set Stage for Upcoming Elections

Retired Teachers February Meeting


CHARLOTTE, NC – Monday, February 11, 2019 the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Retired School Personnel held their quarterly luncheon meeting at The United House of Prayer’s private dining facility with NCRSP President, Rev. Dr. Willie Ramey III as the guest speaker.

Following the welcome by President Haze Moore, and invocation by Legislative Chair, Kevin Strawn, and Vice President LaVerne Reed took pleasure in introducing Dr. Ramey sharing only brief highlights of his extensive biography.

Prior to his message, Dr. Ramey took pride in introducing Mrs. Teresa Hunter-Evans as the new office administrator.

Due to the plethora of cut backs on retiree’s checks and benefits in place with more on the way, Dr. Ramey based his message to the retirees around voting and getting others involved and voting as well. He reminded all that in 1917 100 people in education were getting a pension and their insurance was paid, and when those in charge stop giving money to people with yachts; they would have money for the education retirees.

Willie Ramey
Willie Ramey
Dr. Ramey informed that since he’s been president they have had budget cuts: Travel is down to .35 per mile, communication has been cut due to paper and printing cost, mail-outs have been reduced, down to two programs, among other things. But the use of technology has assisted with communication.

However, during his time more has been allocated to directors and accountability has been a mandate. He shared the ups-and-downs of the offices transition, but positive changes have happened as a result of the process. Dr. Ramey’s key to success was telling the staff, “I’m not dealing with the past.”

Working through their upcoming voting process is an urgent matter, and there should be no duplication of votes. “Death is the only thing that is 100%,” Dr. Ramey said.

Retired Teachers February Meeting
He encouraged support of the upcoming banquet and request that everyone stay at the contracted hotel even if another may be less expensive, support must go to the choice hotel to defray costs of the event itself, he explained.

Dr. Ramey reminded those in attendance that attending school board meetings and county commissioner’s meeting is a must for retirees to learn what’s going on giving ample time to meet with legislators, and discern who earns your vote.

As Dr. Ramey began winding down his comments he laughingly said, “There might be somebody coming for my job and Teresa’s job, but they can’t get them.”

Rev. Dr. Ramey spent 38 years in education after graduating from Shaw University with a BA in Elementary Arts, received his Master’s Degree in School Administration from North Carolina Central University, and his Doctor of Divinity Degree from Middleton. He proudly boasts 42 years as the pastor of Ridgeway Baptist Church where they; feed the hungry and clothe the naked. He is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, but most importantly, a child of God with a favorite scripture being Philippians 4:3.

On behalf of the organization, Scholarship Co-Chair, Gloria Miller acknowledged Dr. Ramey’s presence and support by giving $50.00 to the scholarship fund in his honor.

Door prizes are given by Community Service Chair, Althea Wright at each meeting. Door prize tickets cost only $1.00 each with funds benefitting the scholarship fund. The February meeting raised $110.00 towards the door prizes.