March 21, 2020 9:05PM

Tahren Terrell Brandon
Tahren Terrell Brandon
There is a drastic difference between the way the world was acting a week ago and the way the world is acting today. May the healing power of the Blood of Jesus be upon those directly affected by COVID-19; nevertheless, it is hard to overlook that not long ago everyone was living their best life, like right before the flood in the days of Noah (Lk.17:27). It was all good, with little need for God, then all of a sudden, riches, intellect, status, celebrity proved useless. Now everyone is scrambling, what happened to coming together to defy God like most were doing last week?

Babylon was established by those who decided to defy Gods command to scatter and populate the earth. They preferred to stay together to build a city where their names could be known and their ambitions realized; where they could be their own gods (Gen. 9:1). God saw that, together, man was capable of very wicked things so He confused the language, putting a halt to their mischief for the time being, but Satan never stopped working to achieve his kingdom on earth. And here we are today, in modern day Babylon, joining together for our own purposes without God, making names for ourselves, searching for a way to heaven without Jesus Christ.

In the face of judgment, the enemy of God scatters (Ps. 68:1). Gods face shines upon His people but those who hate God, flee from Him. The people of the world are scattering, their regular places of idol worship can no longer be their focus. They are in a panicked state, buying out the stores, canceling concerts, festivals, conferences, television and theater productions, sporting events; shutting down schools, closing businesses, acting like they have something to fear, because they do. But Christians should have a unique perspective on current events, a biblical worldview. When we see calamity and disaster like this man-made disease, concocted in order to accomplish some wicked scheme, the scripture instructs the righteous to be glad! Gods judgement is not for us, it is for those who have rejected Jesus Christ. Be glad and rejoice because the victory belongs to God! God is good, that’s just a fact. The righteous have never been forsaken and no weapon formed against us has ever prospered!

The world is full of wicked people and God plans to destroy them; and so, it begins. The evil devices of wicked men have begun to overtake them; surprise, surprise. Unfortunately, this does surprise many people because they don’t read the Bible, and few ministers are teaching the truth. Sadly, many don’t know what to expect, so they act like the world. The world is scattering out of fear and the church is doing the same. Are we not called to operate apart from the world? “God has not given the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind” (1 Tm. 1:7). God always tells us what's in store for the wicked, then He tells the righteous how they ought to react. While the world is busy scattering in the face of judgment, we have instructions to behave according to the Word of God. If we are conquerors through Christ, why do we always cower to the enemy? Instead of heeding to the Word of God, we listen to the media, the Bishop, the Archdiocese; Lord have mercy on us.

I am incredibly proud of my church and all churches whose doors remained open Sunday for worship. Thank you for not letting fear dictate your actions. God bless you and all those who were well enough and able to attend. How ironic that the place God intended for healing, closed its doors in the wake of an epidemic. I actually heard a joke made at the expense of believers, “The Lord is my shepherd,” they said mockingly, “Unless there's a virus, then I don't trust Him.” But it’s true, the church doesn’t trust God and couldn’t wait to cancel service and fall in line with the world. The church should be ashamed before God, He is who we have let down! Why not operate in faith? We are in the world, not of it (Jn. 17:16). How soon we forget our purpose as ambassadors for Christ. The church acting like the world is embarrassing and only further proves that the church doesn't practice what it preaches. We have a responsibility to humble ourselves, pray, seek Gods face, and turn away from wickedness; then God will hear us and heal the land (2 Chron. 7:14). What are we waiting for? Jesus is coming soon, accept Him as your Lord and Savior, now. Believers, stop imitating the world! Read God's Word, change your perspective and act accordingly, then you’ll be able to celebrate while the world scatters.