Scott tells Council: Know your Constitution

Todd Scott
Todd Scott, Statesville Branch NAACP President


February 13, 2020 11:19PM
Fran Farrer
Fran Farrer

STATESVILLE, NC – Statesville native, Todd Scott is not just the President of the Statesville Branch NAACP in name, he is an active member of the community and regularly attends the bi-monthly Council and commissioner’s meetings keeping himself abreast of the actions of the city’s leaderships and elected officials to pass on not just to NAACP members, but the community at-large.

Scott’s last Council meeting attendance was a grave disappointment; as he entered he felt he was entering a rally for President Donald Trump. Trump hats and paraphernalia was everywhere. “It looked like a T-Party,” Scott shared.

Other than himself, the only other Black attendee (male) had on a Trump hat. Scott asked why he was there and why supporting Trump? The man’s response was, “They’re trying to take our guns.” Scott asked, “Who’s trying to take your guns? Scott asked.“ To which the man replied, “The Democrats and liberals.”

Initially Scott had not planned to sign up to speak, but after viewing the audience, he felt compelled to do so.

Scott shared that elected and or appointed officials to include, but was not limited to; Ken Robinson and Mallory both shared comments that were extremely partisan, and showed an extremely long film sharing the activities in Virginia, and later suggested it should be shown to school children. Comments stated as facts noted that most of the actions from the mass shooting were from mentally ill people and people of color, and the police knew about it.

Much of that conversation and statements rapped around ICE led Scott to assume some of the concern was reactions to the election of five sheriffs of color. It was even shared that more jails and mental institutions should be built.

One speaker talked about abortions; in essence those speakers were basically trashing liberals and Democrats. When a speaker said guns should be given to teachers, again, Scott was appalled. But that didn’t bother him as much as the speaker that said he took his gun to the library, which the man thought was a good idea, and was told he could. Additionally, one speaker said he was going to carry this message to 100 counties.

All of the time while waiting to speak Scott kept thinking, this is Iredell county Commissioners, it doesn’t say commissioners for the Republican Party. He also thinks of the rural counties around the area with this elected leadership. He then thought of an old adage; You can teach a smart person to be stupid, but you cannot teach a dumb person to be smart.”

With the area trying to get assistance from the state and federal government, this is not the channel to follow, Scott shared.

Robinson shared pictures of his 22 years of service, and lauded his two sons that went to West Point.

Prior to his time to speak, Scott didn’t expect an applause, but did feel possible good vibes from a couple attendees. To balance the playing field; he shared a bit of his history, including that he’d been all over the world, and has even broken down Russian weapons, etc., so I have guns, and I believe in guns. And then informed them, “This is the most Partisan board I’ve ever seen. This should not be happening in Iredell County,” he said.

“Who’s trying to take your guns,” he asked. “Obama in office for 8 years and he did not take your guns.

“For over 100 years nobody tried to take your guns. This is just NRA propaganda. I’ll bet one or two of you have guns. There’s more guns than people. Who’s trying to take your guns” he asked again. There’s not enough police to take your guns, and who’s going to police the police” “This is why we’re so divided Scott told attendees.

During our conversation we noted that people of color want guns often because of the unfair treatment they get, and used the killing of Jonathan Ferrell in Charlotte as an example. He was already bleeding already with no gun present as was shot 13 times by a police officer. Who could Ferrell have bothered? And the “Stand Your Ground” ruling in some states gives men and officers not of color the leverage to kill at will. We also discussed the elected officials we put in office that took prayer out of schools; after which guns came in.

Scoot told those in attendance, “I respect the 2nd Amendment, we’re already covered under the 2nd Amendment. If NC DEM’s win back the House, Senate and Governor’s seat, this piece of paper want mean nothing.”

“We can all agree to disagree. When I leave I’m not going to be mad, but by the 1st Amendment, I’ve got to say something,” Scott said in closing. Yes, you’re correct Mr. Scott, one person replied.

We can say, “Remember 911, remember the Holocaust, but when you mention slavery they ask, why do you have to bring that up?