Welcome Attorney Lori J. Williams to Downtown Statesville


Lori J. Williams

STATESVILLE, NC – The Law Office of Lori J. Williams, PLLC is now open at 119 N. Tradd Street, Suite D, in Downtown Statesville, with a virtual office in Mooresville. Williams brings 30 years of legal experience practicing in the U.S. and overseas.

Williams has a plethora of experience under her belt. She was hired twice to serve as the Assistant Attorney General in the Virgin Islands; first from 1994-1996, and again from 2002 to 2004, where most of her work was dealing with murders, rapes, and robberies. In 2001 she accepted an offer to teach Business Law and Criminal Justice at Randolph College in Asheboro, and opened a private practice in 2003, but realizing it was not the climate for her she left in 2004. After gaining license to practice in South Carolina, she hung her shingle and stayed until 2007, but returned in 2009. While overseas she worked with the Department of Justice and Chief of the Litigation Division as well.

A native of Teaneck, New Jersey, Atty. Williams is the daughter of Vernon and Hortense Williams, has an identical twin, the Reverend Dr. Lisa D. Robinson, and two brothers, Vernon, Jr. and Derek.

Being raised in Teaneck, which is only 10 minutes from New York, she saw things occurring that made her feel they were not right; things that she felt people should be conscious of, but were not. That’s when criminal justice and the law truly entered her being.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Rucker’s University with a double major in Economics and Criminal Justice, and after getting her Juris Doctorate from Howard Law School in 1988, and immediately left for Chicago to take the Bar. She was fortunate to already have a job waiting in Cooke County’s Attorney General’s office and remained there until 1993. Seeking more knowledge, Williams earned her Master’s Degree in Law, Taxation and Business (LLM) in 1998. Later that year she got her license to practice in North Carolina.

Still thirsty for more, Williams enrolled in the Master’s Program at UNC Charlotte and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching (TSL) English as a Second Language. While going through this program in 2014, she was employed by Iredell-Statesville Schools and taught grades K-5 at N.B. Mills Elementary until January of this year.

With both parents in declining health, Williams felt it was time to be closer to home.

Atty. Williams is also pleased to announce that effective the end of May she will begin mentoring female attorneys is Afghanistan.