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Wednesday, May 27, 2020 through Tuesday, June 1, 2020
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 through Tuesday, June 1, 2020
FEMA Announces Emergency Food and Shelter Programs Funding for North Carolina
Fran Farrer
Fran Farrer

ATLANTA – North Carolina will receive $9.3 million from FEMA’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) to assist nonprofits that are helping residents who are experiencing hunger and homelessness. The money allocated to North Carolina combines the EFSP’s annual funding with funds designated for food and shelter support under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.

Seventy-four of North Carolina counties received the Emergency Food funding; fortunately, all of the 5 counties that The County News serves were part of the funds distribution.

North Carolina jurisdictions will receive $3,750,088 for FY 2019 and $5,693,109 from the CARES Act. A local EFSP board is responsible for awarding the grant funds to local social service organizations, both nonprofit and governmental, that can best address the identified needs of the community. More ↠

Barber-Scotia College
Appoints Banker Gregory Aikens to Advisory Board

 Gregory Aikens
Gregory Aikens
CONCORD, NC - Mr. Gregory Bernard Aikens, an experienced senior estate banker, is the most recent appointee to the Barber-Scotia College President’s Advisory Board. His experience will assist in developing strategies that enhance the colleges financial position as a whole; and additionally offer a blue-print for the renovation of 3 historic buildings, i.e., Berry Hall, Grave Hall, and Percival Hall, which will be tastefully restored by the Hanson Company of Virginia.

Each property will have mixed use components slated to generate additional revenue. Grave Hall will have one and two bedroom apartments as well a multimedia educational conference center. More ↠

Facebook Awards Black Press of America Publishers $1.3 Million in Relief Grants
Facebook Journalism
The money was issued after Facebook received more than 2,000 applications for the COVID-19 Local News Relief Grant Program from newsrooms across every state in America, all U.S territories, and Washington, D.C.

By Stacy M. Brown
Facebook has announced that 15 member publishers of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) will receive $1.288 million in grants through the Facebook Journalism Project’s relief fund for local news.

The social media giant said more than 200 news organizations would receive nearly $16 million in grants, which stem from $25 million in local news relief funding announced in March as part of Facebook’s $100 million global investment in the news.

The grants include $10.3 million awarded to 144 U.S local newsrooms as part of the COVID-19 Local News Relief Fund Grant Program.
The fund is supporting many publishers who are hardest hit by this crisis, with nearly 80 percent of recipients being family- or independently-owned and more than half are published by or for communities of color.

The grants also include $5.4 million awarded to 59 North American newsrooms that participated in Facebook Local News Accelerator programs focused on subscriptions and memberships.

Facebook said the remaining funds would be used throughout 2020 to support projects focused on longer-term sustainability in local journalism.

That includes $2.5 million for Report for America, helping the group place 225 journalists in 160 local news More ↠
Rep. Jim Clyburn Will Lead House Oversight Committee on Coronavirus
By Stacy M. Brown
House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-South Carolina) will chair a newly established oversight panel with broad authority to oversee the federal response to the coronavirus.

During an exclusive live broadcast, Clyburn told National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) President and CEO Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to impanel a committee after she recalled a similar body selected by President Harry S. Truman after World War II.

“Speaker Pelosi called me several weeks ago,
Rep Jim Cylburn
and we got into this discussion about what we need to do and how we needed to make sure that this is done in such a way that it will meet with our vision of making sure that the greatness of this country is accessible and affordable for all,” Clyburn told Chavis. More ↠